Village Whiskey Happy Hour: It's Always Drunk O'clock Somewhere

Do not go to Village Whiskey on a Saturday. It's already hard enough for me to get a table.

Village Whiskey Happy Hour Menu

Using his incomparable intellect, Iron Man Garces has invented new hours during which to be happy. "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere..." addresses my only complaint with Village Rye at Village WhiskeyWhiskey, the price, by obliterating it with an awesomeness cannon, which in turn obliterated any chance I had of doing something Saturday night. Between 2 and 4, Iron Man serves up a 3 oz. slider version of his epic Village burger, as well as a 3 oz. pulled pork sandwich of equal awesomeness, for $3 each. In addition, the bar serves $4 beers, $5 wines, $6 cocktail specials and $7 whiskey pours, which will change weekly. At those prices, it might sound like a good idea to get one of each. Allow me to clarify: It is.

The quality of the sliders is top notch, easily matching the normal fare. And while the sliders are small, two or three are filling. A few sliders and a beer can come under the magical $10 price point, a feat previously considered impossible under Newtonian physics.

Sliders at Village Whiskey

Being able to get anything from a Garces restaurant for $3 is a nothing short of a miracle, and with quality this good there is no reason not to go. Which is absolutely terrible; I had planned on doing other things on Saturdays at some point in my life, but now all those plans suck. We're not given to hyperbole around here, so you know it's true when I say Village Whiskey's happy hour is the greatest thing on Earth for all times always forever. Or at least until Iron Man perfects the arc reactor and is able to mass produce a watch that perpetually says it is drunk o'clock.